Adidas Classic Pro Fingersave GK Gloves FH7299

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Celebrating the first adidas glove to hold European football's top international trophy. These Classic Pro Fingersave Gloves have reinforced fingers and super grippy palms for confident punching and catching. The design commemorates France's 2000 triumph on home soil.

NON EXCHANGEABLE FINGERSAVE: Provides superb support catching, holding and throwing the ball

CLOSE FITTING BANDAGE: Without restrictive seams, a revolutionary bandage which perfectly fits most peoples wrists.

URG 2.0: From adidas unrivaled URG series combines great grip and shock absorption in the premium glove segment. We recommend it for all surfaces and in all conditions. Always clean the latex in luke warm water after use.

  • Seamless, close-fitting bandage around wrist.
  • Stretch strap for stable fit.